What a Buzz!

ELT Footprint is three weeks old but it feels like it’s been around a lot longer. We’re overwhelmed by the buzz over on the Facebook page. We're delighted with the response of members and your generosity in sharing lesson plans, ideas, interesting news articles and stories about what’s going on in classrooms around the world to highlight the climate crisis and be proactive in changing habits and minds.

Behind the scenes we are in discussions with publishers and conference organisers too and we’re pleased to say that the response from these quarters has, so far, been very positive. Not just idle promises but a sincere wish to discuss ideas and implement change with many plans in the pipeline. We aren’t surprised by this. After all, teachers, trainers, authors and publishers are all people. And we all live in, and care about, this beautiful planet Earth.

As these discussions progress we’ll let you all know about collaborations, initiatives, projects and policy changes that are taking place. Some of you might want to get involved and some of you might be prompted to start up a project of your own.

Have a great day everyone and keep buzzing!

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