Sharing projects, initiatives and materials from across the ELT World


1. The Charter for a Greener Classroom – a poster that you can share in your staffroom with teachers and trainees, or use as a discussion point on online courses. (A big thank you to Nicola Meldrum and Danielle Jones for driving this project). A Google slide version and a Google doc version – the first can be used straightaway and the second can be copied and adapted. Here is a blog post by Nicola Meldrum suggesting ways of sharing the charter on training courses.

2. FECEI Sustainability Guidelines for Event Organisers and Sponsors/Stakeholders – Scott Markham, current President of FECEI (Spanish Federation for Language Schools) has kindly shared the following documents with us.  To find out more about the documents, how they came about and who they are aimed at see Scott’s blog post in our Greening ELT series: Sustainability guidelines for event organisersSustainability guideline for sponsors and stakeholders

3. ELT Freelancers Awayday – Jemmy Hillyer and Helen Holwill have shared the environmental statement from this UK community’s annual Awayday event. You can see it on their wiki site: Reducing the environmental impact of the Awayday .

4 A list of possible green gifts for conference presenters – a list of suggestions put together in response to a post on our Facebook group. It might be useful for conference organisers if they need to choose a small gift they want to give to their speakers. You can see and comment on it here on our Google drive: Green gifts for conference speakers

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