World Oceans Day: June 8

Chris in Hastings

We will be adding lesson plans and materials to this page to celebrate World Oceans Day in class.

  1. An article with interactive exercises and discussion forum from the British Council Learning English magazine: World Oceans Day
  2. A lesson from Owain Llewelyn at ELT Sustainable for teens and young learners at B1 and above .
  3. A website with a collection of readymade materials to celebrate World Oceans Day with younger students.
  4. Lesson packs from the OUP Teaching Resources blog for adults, teenagers and younger learners.
  5. A trailer to a hard-hitting documentary by the Oceanic Preservation Society. And a folder of worksheets on google drive shared by Clyde Fowle.
  6. There is a chapter in this free downloadable book by the British Council which has been written by Jill and Charlie Hadfield on the topic of Oceans – creative activities like poems etc rather than discussions .
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