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Greening ELT: Greenpositive – a new initiative for a new year

In our 9th post in the Greening ELT series, we are sharing some news from the Spanish association for private language schools, FECEI , who are launching a new initiative - Greenpositive – and inviting member schools to sign up to make their businesses more sustainable in 2020. The following blog post explains the background to the scheme and shares a link to the Greenpositive guidelines.
FECEI Greenpositive cover page

The FECEI Green Positive initiative is aimed at its member schools.  It invites schools to audit their businesses and identify areas where they can reduce, reuse and recycle, involving all their stakeholders: managers, teachers, admin staff and, of course, students. 

As they say in their explanatory information, ‘It’s about being more respectful towards our environment and aware of it, in order to ensure a healthier world for future generations’. Where better to do this than in schools?

A simple handbook outlines a list of possible actions that can be taken and offers a plan for putting the actions into practice.  A handful of schools throughout Spain have already signed up and are piloting the scheme.   FECEI award these schools with a Greenpositive hallmark and they in turn, become examples for other schools to follow. 

Scott Markham, president of FECEI, has kindly translated the handbook from Spanish to English to share with us here at ELT Footprint.  We’re hoping it can help other schools and organisations who might be thinking of creating similar schemes. 

You can click here to read the handbook:  Fecei-Greenpositive-English-2019-2020 final

And if you’d like to know more, please leave a comment here, or reach out to Scott Markham on the ELT Footprint Facebook group. 

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