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We are thrilled to announce that our ELT Footprint community has been shortlisted for a British Council ELTon award for Innovation in Teacher Resources.
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The ELTons are the annual awards for different kinds of innovations and products in ELT. It is a high-profile event that attracts the attention of the industry. So it’s a great way to raise the profile of the cause, as well as an excuse to put on our ball gowns and tuxedos – perhaps only virtual ones this year, but even so!

We are proud to be shortlisted alongside so many great initiatives. The official list of finalists will be published today but we know that some of our good friends, colleagues and fellow ELT footprinters are among the nominees. Huge congratulations to ‘The No Project’, ‘PEPELT’ and ‘Hacking ELT’, among others.

The communication from the British Council tells us that: “We at the British Council face our own particular challenges created by the pandemic, but we believe that it’s now more important than ever to do what we can to recognise and celebrate innovation in English language teaching.”

The prestige and publicity of this award will help us spread our message and reach more teachers and educators around the world. 

There is a real danger with Covid-19 that the world will take its eyes off the climate emergency in order to deal with the medical one, and there is evidence that corrupt and short-sighted governments are exploiting the situation to turn back any progress on environmental checks and balances while we are distracted by Covid. So it’s more important than ever to make sure we keep the crisis affecting the living planet in the spotlight. Presenting as finalists in, and hopefully winning, this award will help us.

We know you’re all fighting to keep the green agenda alive and open under the difficult circumstances of confinement and a pending economic crisis, and now, more than ever, we need to keep hope alive, and strive to spread awareness, support and bring about real action.

ELT Footprint is a community – on Facebook, on Twitter, on LinkedIn, on the blog, in conferences, in classrooms, in editorial meetings – this nomination goes to each and every member of ELT Footprint. Please share the good news far and wide!

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