ELT Footprint & the Global Climate Strike

Join ELT Footprint in our support for the Global Climate Strike!

As thousands of people around the world plan to join forces to raise awareness of the climate crisis in a week of climate action, starting with the international school strike on September 20 and culminating in the global climate strike on September 27, we'd like to invite ELT Footprint community members to join in from wherever you are in the world, taking whichever non-violent action you believe can have the most impact.

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Greta Thunberg’s #FridaysForFuture movement has already motivated hundreds of thousands of children and teenagers to join in weekly school strikes in countries all around the world. Now it’s time for people of all ages to join in the global climate strike and show world leaders that we mean business.

To those who are already planning to take action this Friday – and throughout the following week of climate action – Thank you! To those who aren’t sure how to show their support for the global climate strike, we’d like to invite you to join in with our photo challenge:

  1. Write a message of support adding #climatestrike and #ELTfootprint.
  2. Take a photo of your message, preferably against a background of our amazing planet!
  3. Share your photos on our Facebook page and in Twitter.

(If you’d like some ideas for lesson plans and other classroom resources to use with your students over the next week of climate action from Sept 20 to sept 27, please visit our new Climate Strike page. )

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