A Greener IATEFL: Update

We are delighted with the ongoing dialogue ELT Footprint is having with IATEFL about their environmental commitment. They are busy working to make the organisation a brighter shade of green. This includes engaging with exhibitors at the annual conference to make sure that they are aware of IATEFL's new policies and making sure their Exhibitors' Handbook reflect these policies. Check out their IATEFL2020_Exhibition Environmental Awareness poster with some great suggestions.
IATEFL 2020 Exhibition Environmental Awareness 4

IATEFL believe that such engagement with key partners is absolutely essential in making a real difference and we are told they have been met with enthusiasm so far. Further initiatives are planned for Manchester 2020 and beyond as part of a rolling programme. This is just the start of IATEFL’s greening journey. We wish them all the best and offer them our full support.

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