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The ELT Footprint group is an incredibly dynamic and committed group of people who believe in the power of people coming together to coordinate efforts and focus on effective action in specific spheres.
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The projects we’re sharing here on the blog are the fruit of posts and conversations on our Facebook page. Some have been kicked off by a small group who have formed in one of the many threads and then opened up to the whole group. Others provide a space for collecting thoughts, suggestions and calls-to-action so that they don’t get lost in the many busy conversations.

This blog came into existence to host these projects. Any member of the group can suggest or contribute to any of the projects. It’s a very organic process. Hopefully it gives everyone a chance to contribute where they want to and feel that they can.

At the moment we have three open projects which are calling for further comments and contributions ( click on the Work in Progress tab above to see the full list of projects). Click on the links below to find out more. The links are currently set to view only. If you’d like to contribute, please leave a comment below or send an email to the address on the About page.

  1. Suggestions for conference organisers
  2. Good practice: events and conferences
  3. Tips for Trainers

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A big thank you to the JALT(Japan Association for Language Teaching) Environmental Committee , Jennie Roloff Rothman (chair), Mark Brierley and Brent Simmonds for putting together this detailed and fascinating report on how they set about calculating the various aspects of conference organisation that contribute to the global carbon footprint of their national event in November 2019. A must-read for anyone looking to do the same with their event, ELT or otherwise.

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World Wildlife Day 2020

In this short post, we share some ideas for how we can mark this special day in class and use it as an opportunity to encourage our students to appreciate the wonders and diversity of our natural world.

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We’ve come a long way: 2,500 members!

On February 27, 2020, our Facebook group reached a new landmark. Kath Bilsborough, founding member and one of the ELT Footprint admin team, looks back over all the things that have happened since our membership turned the 2000 mark on November 3, 2019.

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